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148 journalists died of unnatural causes in Russia in past 10 years -
Glasnost Defense Foundation

MOSCOW. Jan 14 (Interfax) - Nineteen journalists died of unnatural causes in Russia in 2002, Boris Timoshenko, an official from the Glasnost Defense Foundation, told Interfax.

"Speaking about these statistics, we do not mean intentional murders. However, in many cases the circumstances surrounding the journalists' deaths look very strange, and in some cases their deaths were preceded by threats and pressure," Timoshenko said.

In 2001, another six people were killed, who were not journalists but were directly related to mass media. In addition, there were 99 attacks on journalists and editor's offices.

According to information posted on the official site of the Glasnost Defense Foundation, 148 journalists have died of unnatural causes in Russia since 1992.

Timoshenko said that, in spite of the fact that in some regions more journalists died than in other regions, "it is difficult to see a system here."

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