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JRL #5616: Plain Text - Entire Issue

1. AP: Gorbachev Ridicules Yeltsin.
2. AP: Soviet Collapse Anniversary Passes.
3. Moscow Times: Valeria Korchagina, Revisiting the 1991 Christmas By Surprise.
4. Interfax: Two "dark horses" to enter Russian politics in 2002 - Astrologist.
5. Interfax: Bin Laden isn't smart enough to have organized Sept 11 attacks - Russian psychologists.
6. Novoye Vremya: Nikolai Popov, WHOM SHOULD WE TRUST? Political off-season: Russians don't know whom to vote for.
7. Vremya MN: Leonid Radzikhovsky, THE HIERARCHY OF 2001. Vladimir Putin hasn't done anything with domestic policy.
8. Obschaya Gazeta: Dmitry Furman, BREAKUP OF PUBLIC POLITICS. The regime is out to do away with unpredictability and uncontrolability.
9. Washington Post: David Hoffman, The Walls Could Not Hold.
10. The Globe and Mail (Canada): Geoffrey York, Past for Russians holds no future. A decade after the Soviet Union's collapse, a new mood of realism has replaced regret.
11. Washington Post: Jackson Diehl, Dynamic Duo Of World Policy.
12. Moscow Times: Boris Kagarlitsky, Euro Sure to Sow Discord.
13. BBC Monitoring: Book on Putins' family life goes on sale in Russia.
14. AP: Russian Reporter Sentenced for Treason. (Pasko)
15. Forbes Global: Heidi Brown, Business brains. (Club 2015)