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1. Reuters: Russian govt upbeat as 2002 budget passed.
2. Luba Schwartzman: ORT Review.
3. The Economist (UK): Russia and Afghanistan. All smiles, for now. Gingerly, Russia is returning.
4. Baltimore Sun: Douglas Birch, Mischief marks 'The Battle for Moscow.' Mayor's iron grip on city council is under Kremlin-inspired attack.
5. Post-Soviet Armies Newsletter.
6. The Electronic Telegraph (UK): Toby Harnden, Secret US deal with Putin over ABM treaty.
7. MSNBC: Dana Lewis, Can Putin profit from no ABM? Russian leader could turn loss into gain on world stage.
8. Interfax: Maverick MP suggests Russia has "free hand" if USA abandons ABM Treaty.
9. Nezavisimaya Gazeta: THIS IS NOT A CRIME, BUT A MISTAKE. Comments on America's likely withdrawal from the ABM Treaty.
10. Washington Post: Jim Hoagland, Split Vision of America.
11. Novaya Gazeta: SO FAR, RUSSIA HAS ONLY SCORED A HUMANITARIAN VICTORY. Northern Alliance losing influence in the power struggle in Afghanistan.
12. Wall Street Journal: Jeanne Whalen, Russia's Central-Bank Reserves Continue Slide, Weakening Ruble.
13. Washington Times: Arnold Beichman, Russia's addiction problems.
14. The Guardian (UK): Revelry in Russia. Andrea Osbourne celebrated Christmas in Moscow, and got raided by the police during lunch.