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1. AP: Powell Can't Budge Putin on Missiles.
2. BBC Monitoring: USA's Powell tells Russian TV that detente policy is long-term.
3. Los Angeles Times: Robyn Dixon, Even Amid His Family, Debate Persists Over Stalin. Communism: Half a century after dictator's death, there is no consensus on legacy in lands he once ruled.
4. Chicago Tribune: Cheryl Collins, Kazakstan, though thriving, fears ripple effects of war.
5. New York Times: William Safire, Reading Putin's Mind.
6. Wall Street Journal Europe editorial: NATO at 19 1/2.
7. The Globe and Mail (Canada): Geoffrey York, Canada crowing over NATO pact. Ottawa claims credit for co-operation deal between Russia and former Cold War foe.
8. Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Marina Kalashnikova, NATO AVOIDING REVOLUTIONS. NATO is in no hurry to give Russia equal rights in discussions.
9. Itar-Tass: World Bank official upbeat on Russian economy.
10. the eXile: The Hack's Corner. (re "Russia is turning the corner")
11. Argumenty I Fakty: CHURCH AND STATE.
12. Slovo: Sebastian Pritskov, THE IMPENDING CATASTROPHE. The population crisis: life expectancy, migration, and the workforce.
13. Nezavisimoye Voyennoe Obozrenie: Valery Yaremenko, LEAVING LOURDES. Why has Russia abandoned its military bases abroad?