Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
Excerpts from the JRL E-Mail Community :: Founded and Edited by David Johnson

1. AFP: Russia's new wave drug addicts disconcert old guard.
2. The Guardian (UK): Simon Tisdall, Controlling Kabul. Political and strategic interests divide world leaders over the future government of Afghanistan.
3. Moscow Tribune: Stanislav Menshikov, DO PUTIN AND BUSH UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER? Strategic Priorities Not Clear.
4. Moscow Times: Andrei Zolotov Jr., A Tale of 2 Liberal Parties and 2 Contests.
5. strana.ru: Sergey Markov, Society Writes Mandate for Putin. Bush-Putin summit of unprecedented importance.
6. Izvestia: Semyon Novoprudsky, AKESNENKO'S CASUS. Prosecutors initiate restructuring of natural monopolies.
7. Kennan Institute meeting report: Mark Katz, The Russian-Iranian Partnership: Strategic or Tactical?
8. BBC Monitoring: Russia-NATO relations still "cat and mouse" - newspaper.
9. strana.ru: Gleb Pavlovsky, Are We Prepared to Wait until the Enemy Hits Us as It Hit America? The U.S. and Russia need an absolutely new approach to threats and alliances.
10. Moskovskiye Novosti: Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry Anti-Terrorism Department Chief Interviewed.
11. Financial Times (UK): Valeria Criscione and Andrew Jack, Yukos chief tries to show he is no wolf in sheep's clothing: Many Norwegians are concerned about Mikhail Khodorkovsky's intentions for his Kvaerner investment.