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RIA Novosti, Ekho Moskvy, Izvestia launch new history project

MOSCOW, December 18 (RIA Novosti)-RIA Novosti, the Ekho Moskvy radio station and Izvestia newspaper have launched a new historical investigation project, headlined "Attention, History."

The project will offer insight into the most controversial events of the past.

"We are looking into several points of view on any given historical event, and we are not trying to find the correct one. We want the project to offer a choice of three or more points of view - one more correct and others less correct. This project presupposes discussions," RIA Novosti editor-in-chief Svetlana Mironyuk said.

Ekho Moskvy editor-in-chief Alexei Venediktov said it was the first historical multimedia project, which combines "the radio, a news agency a national newspaper, and, of course, Internet with all the opportunities it offers."

The project will continue throughout 2010.




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