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Russia ready to back sanctions against Iran in case of consensus - source

Moscow, 1 December: Russia will not stay on the sidelines if there is a consensus on sanctions against Iran, a diplomatic source told journalists today.

"If there is a consensus on sanctions, we will not be in isolation," the source said, commenting on Iran's statement that it intends to construct new uranium enrichment plans and answering a question on Russia's possible position on sanctions against Tehran in this case.

The source also said that concern over Iran's nuclear programme "is becoming more and more justified".

(Interfax news agency, Moscow, in Russian 1437 gmt 1 Dec 09 quoted a Russian diplomatic source as saying that Russia would prefer Iran's cooperation with the IAEA to possible sanctions against Tehran.

"We would consider it to be preferable to the introduction of sanctions if Iran and the IAEA engaged in more transparent and consistent cooperation and if there were clearer steps (on the part of Tehran) to respond to the concern which, as we have seen for ourselves, is becoming more and more justified," the source said.

"We will not be causing additional complications at talks through a threat of sanctions," the source also said.

Interfax news agency, Moscow, in Russian 1450 gmt 1 Dec 09 quoted apparently the same diplomatic source as saying that the introduction of sanctions "is not an issue on the agenda for the next few hours or weeks" but that "we must consider the possibility".

Moscow "would like to show to other partners and the Iranians an example of doing a job to the end", the source added.

The source was also quoted as saying that Moscow agreed that all nations should be "using the same language when talking to Iran". "For many countries which have maintained rather intense trade and economic
relations with this nation (Iran) sanctions would lead to rather tangible consequences," the source said.)

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