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NATO envoy lashes out at Russian 'gilded youth' abroad

Moscow, 23 November: The behaviour of Russian "gilded youth" abroad can undermine the image of Russia, according to Dmitriy Rogozin, Russian permanent envoy at NATO.

"Because of these tearaways, in actual fact the national image of the country suffers because I have not heard about such incidents involving 'gilded youths' from Western countries," Rogozin told the Vesti-24 TV channel, commenting on the incident involving a young Russian man who, while driving a Lamborghini car, caused a serious road accident in Switzerland.

In the West "on the whole, it is not the done thing to flaunt your wealth and behave like yobs," the diplomat said.

He continued: "In terms of their crazy income, sometimes our citizens can be compared to Arab sheikhs but, believe me, Arab sheikhs never behave abroad as our fellow citizens do." (Passage omitted)

According to Rogozin, representatives of the so-called "gilded youth" abroad "are not ashamed to throw money around and give 100-euro tips, when ordering some risotto for 300 euros". "It is already a standing joke," Rogozin added.

According to him, Russian diplomats who always work abroad often come across such incidents that make them "turn red".

Rogozin said "the notorious French skiing resort Courchevel" was a good illustration of his words. "In the first week of January Russians arrive and the rest of the foreigners there immediately flee if they can," he said. (Passage omitted)

"It is already clear that this incident will have big repercussions, including for those involved in this road accident, as well as the country as a whole. I think now people will look even more askance at our fellow citizens abroad," Rogozin added.

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