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Two rights organizations fear for their future over rent problems in Moscow

Moscow, 6 November: Russia's oldest human rights organization, the Moscow Helsinki Group, and the Moscow office of another well-known rights organization, the movement For Human Rights, may lose their premises.

"The authorities have refused to extend the rent contracts. An eviction suit has been forwarded to the arbitration court," head of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alekseyeva told Interfax today. She said that the Moscow Helsinki Group's headquarters was situated at Bolshoy Golovin Pereulok (street) 22 and that the headquarters of the Moscow branch of the For Human Rights movement was at Malyy Kislovskiy Pereulok (street) 7.

"We are being evicted. We are going to resist. The premises were made available to us in 1996, in a very poor state. We spent our own money fixing them," Alekseyeva said.

Alekseyeva also said that she and leader of the For Human Rights movement Lev Ponomarev had contacted the Russian rights ombudsman, the Moscow rights ombudsman and the head of the Russian Presidential Council to Promote the Development of Institutions of Civil Society and Human Rights. "We have been promised assistance," she said.

The authorities have not yet responded to the statement by Alekseyeva.

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