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Subject: Carnegie Moscow Global Policy Fellowships
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009
From: "Samuel Greene" <sgreene@carnegie.ru>

Moscow Global Policy Fellowship

The Carnegie Moscow Center's new Global Policy Fellowships are designed to bring senior American experts from a wide range of fields important to the future of the U.S.-Russian policy agenda to spend time in Moscow.

The Carnegie Moscow Global Policy Fellowships program seeks individuals with significant experience working on issues of major policy concern but who are not "Russia hands." Fellows may be policymakers, whether in or out of government; policy experts; legislative staff, scientists and technologists; lawyers; businessmen and others. Any field of global policy relevance is eligible

While there is no specific tenure requirement, applicants should be able to demonstrate a strong track-record in their fields and an ability to influence the relevant policy discussions upon their return from Moscow. Knowledge of Russian or prior experience in Russia is not required. Fellows will be expected to remain employed at their U.S. organizations throughout their term in Moscow.

Please visit http://www.carnegie.ru/en/extra/fellowship.htm for more information on the fellowship and how to apply.

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