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U.S. defends Stalin's Georgia, stimulates Tbilisi's militarization -ministry

SUKHUMI. Oct 23 (Interfax) - Sukhumi is concerned by the statements
made by U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Alexander Vershbow in
Tbilisi that the U.S. will support Georgia's territorial integrity by
continuing to supply its military aid.

"Since it gained independence in the early 1990s, Georgia has never
been integral. The U.S., while condemning the legacy of the Stalin era,
continues to support Georgia's territorial integrity within the borders
created by Stalin during the Soviet period," the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry
said in a statement issued in Sukhumi on Friday.

"Not only does this statement ignores the new reality, it also
conflicts with the process of reconstruction of the region's stability
after the August 2008 crisis," the document said.

The U.S. assistant defense secretary openly ignores the results of
the investigation conducted by the European Union into the causes of the
August 2008 war, the ministry said. "By using the U.S. military support,
Georgia started a bloody war against South Ossetia, which created an
unprecedented threat to regional security," the Foreign Ministry said.
"In many ways these actions by the Georgian authorities were fed by the
desire to join NATO, while the U.S., still one of the main advocates of
Georgia's accession to the North-Atlantic alliance, is encouraging
Georgia's militarization," the statement said.

"Given the U.S. stance on human rights and international law, the
statement by the U.S. assistant secretary of defense during his visit to
Georgia is at odds with the official course of the United States, since
Mr. Vershbow supports the policy and actions of the regime of
Saakashvili who committed many war crimes," the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry


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