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Chechen president says war with rebels drawing to a close

Moscow, 17 October: Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov on Saturday (17 October) met the leadership of the Russian Interior Ministry for the republic, at which, in particular, he reminded policemen and officials about the need to serve as an example in terms of abiding by the law. He warned that civil servants and employees of the Interior Ministry, who, for example, drive cars without necessary documents would be dismissed.

Kadyrov noted that fight against bandits in the republic was coming to a victorious end and therefore it was necessary to start tackling "small problems".

"Police officers are fulfilling exceptionally important tasks. Day and night they are at the forefront of fight against the remains of bandit groups. The time has passed when in order to win against the bandits it was important to involve a vast number of servicemen and employees of law enforcement bodies. Today it is necessary to pay particular attention to the tactics of collecting operational information. We must know everything about the plans of bandits and act preventively. We must foil their plans at the stage of them being hatched," Kadyrov stressed.

He also announced that one must not relax the search for Dokka Umarov and Gakayev brothers (Muslim and Khuseyn). "They must be destroyed. They themselves have signed their death sentences. We have studied each square metre in the forest and we are looking for them everywhere. And I am convinced that they have not got long left to run in the forest," Kadyrov said.

"I want to address the employees of law enforcement bodies who are in Groznyy and in other population centres of the republic and tackling tasks not connected with participation in special operations. In the mountains and in the forests in any weather your comrades are fighting gunmen. Risking their lives, they are looking for participants of illegal armed formations. Unfortunately, there are losses among them. While remembering about this, you must strictly observe the discipline and fulfil your duties in an exemplary manner," Kadyrov said. (passage omitted)

Kadyrov stressed that there would be no bandit groups and criminals in the Republic of Chechnya.

"If in the past, due to tackling large-scale tasks we did not always had the time to deal with small problems, today we are able to call to account anyone who forgets about the law and the Constitution," Kadyrov said.

He also drew the attention of the command to the necessity of particularly scrupulously approaching the preparation for special operations that are being conducted in the forest and in the mountains. "By observing all security measures it is possible to reduce losses among the personnel almost to zero. The death of even one policeman is a big tragedy for us and we should not allow this tragedy," Kadyrov stressed.

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