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Subject: Hermitage YouTube Video on Russian Police Fraud
From: Katie Fisher <Katie.Fisher@hermitagefund.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 1

Today, October 8, 2009, investigators from the Russian Interior Ministry announced charges against Hermitage Capital Management’s legal adviser, Sergey Magnitskiy, and allegations against Hermitage’s CEO, William Browder.

These charges and allegations have been fabricated and brought directly in response to Hermitage and Magnitskiy implicating certain Interior Ministry officials in the theft of $230 million from the Russian budget.

Due to the high level of corruption in the Russian Interior Ministry, along with the arbitrary powers they posses, many Russian newspapers have been afraid to write about the Interior Ministry's role in this fraud. In an environment like this, where the freedom of the press is compromised, it is necessary to use new channels of communication to fight corruption in Russia. In order to avoid putting Russian journalists at risk, we are, therefore, releasing the following YouTube video to lay out story in full.

Follow this link to view the video:


[video also embedded here]



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