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Half of Russians See No Changes in Governors' Work After Abolishment of Gubernatorial Elections - Poll

MOSCOW. Oct 6 (Interfax) - About half of Russians are of the view that the transition from gubernatorial elections in Russian regions to the actual appointment of governors has not affected either the efficiency of their work or their feeling of responsibility to the people living in their regions, a poll conducted by the VTsIOM public opinion survey center showed.

In the view of 51% of those polled, the activity of governors after their direct elections were abolished has not changed, and "the regional authorities are working as they did before," according to the poll, whose results were announced on Tuesday.

About 21% of those polled suggested that the governors are now working more efficiently than before, and 12% are of the opposite view.

The poll also showed that 23% of the respondents believe that the level of the governors' social responsibility has increased after the abolishment of their direct elections, while 11% believe this level has decreased.

Nearly half of those polled - 49% - have not seen significant changes in the level of the governors' responsibility to the people in their regions.

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