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Patrushev questions reports that Russians are helping Iran make nuclear bombs

CHELYABINSK. Oct 6 (Interfax) - Russian Security Council Secretary
Nikolai Patrushev has questioned the allegations that Russian scientists
were involved in Iran's nuclear program.

Commenting in Chelyabinsk on Tuesday on the reports published
earlier this week in the British press that the Israeli prime minister
allegedly handed over to the Kremlin a list of Russian scientists who
Israelis believe are helping Iran to develop missile munitions,
Patrushev said: "I do not know who gave this information to them
[newspapers]. For me it remains a question."

"At the moment I am not aware of any secret services or some other
structures having handed over to us some information about our firms or
individuals (in relation to Iran's nuclear program). And if they do have
such information, we will certainly pay attention to it. But we do not
have such information," Patrushev said.

"Iran has the right to develop the peaceful atom, but there should
not be any cases when something is being concealed. We are against Iran
having a nuclear weapon," Patrushev said.






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