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Normalization of Russian-US relations no threat to Europe's security - minister

Moscow, 7 September: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has denied suggestions that the normalization of relations between Russia and the USA carries a threat to security on the European continent.

"What is the point of attempts to present the very possibility of Russian-US normalization as a threat to Europe's interests? Surely the USA isn't going to do anything behind the backs of its allies?" writes the minister in his article which will be published on Tuesday (8 September) in (government-owned Russian newspaper) Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The Russian foreign minister stressed that," I don't think that America has deserved such mistrust, especially as America has recognized the need for its own transformation in the spirit of the times".

"When the turn towards an improvement in Euro-Atlantic and global affairs became discernible, those who have benefited from the confrontational policy of recent years, who would like to make Europe's destiny a hostage of its past and prevent a policy aimed towards the future from being implemented, clearly became nervous," noted Lavrov.

According to him, "a dangerous desire to associate their national interests with confrontation was shown in a recent open letter written by several former state figures from Eastern European countries to the US president (Barack Obama)". "They are clearly proceeding from the logic of a 'zero-sum game', meaning that if Russia is winning, then it must be at their expense," the Russian foreign minister said.

Meanwhile, he stressed that "the logic here is simple: everyone has had enough of tension, everyone wants to cooperate, and therefore any return to confrontation would subject the transatlantic association to further erosion".

"Wasn't August 2008 enough?" asks the Russian foreign minister.

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