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Russia Vows Uninterrupted Oil And Gas Supplies to Poland - Putin

SOPOT, Poland. Sept 1 (Interfax) - Russia pledges to ensure uninterrupted deliveries of oil and natural gas to Poland, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said.

"Russia has always provided Poland with the entire promised amount of energy resources, and it is ready to do so in the future. No one should have any doubt about this," Putin told a joint news conference with his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk.

Poland purchased a certain amount of natural gas through the RosUkrEnergo Russian-Ukrainian joint venture, Putin said.

"This company has been removed from the market at the Ukrainian government's initiative," the Russian prime minister said.

"Russia is prepared to provide the two billion cubic meters of gas that Poland used to buy from this company, which is not operating today," he said.

Poland also wanted governmental agreements to quote the largest possible amount of natural gas Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom (RTS: GAZP) was allowed to deliver to the Polish market, Putin said.

"If our Polish colleagues want to increase it (this amount), our governmental agreement should be changed. These are technical issues and they will not create any problems," he said.

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