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Terrorist attacks in North Caucasus 'aimed at provoking chaos' - Russian pundit

Moscow, 21 August: The series of terrorist acts in Groznyy is interrelated with the terrorist acts in other North Caucasus republics and is aimed at destabilizing the situation in the region, deputy director of the Centre for Political Technologies Aleksey Makarkin believes.

"The explosions in the Chechen capital are undoubtedly interrelated with the terrorist attacks which occurred recently in Ingushetia and earlier in Dagestan. All of these acts are coordinated and aimed at provoking chaos in the North Caucasus," Makarkin told Interfax today.

Terrorists have given up numerous mass armed actions and the taking of hostages and have moved on to new tactics, he notes.

"If terrorists previously acted in big groups, seized strategic facilities and hostages, then now they have given up this tactic, changing to direct strikes using suicide bombers on the law-enforcement agencies. At the
same time, until the moment of committing the terrorist acts, these people behave like ordinary citizens," Makarkin said.

In his opinion, the organizers of terror acts chose the law-enforcement agencies with the aim of provoking retaliatory harsh actions which could provoke public unrest in the region.

"Actions against representatives of the law-enforcement agencies and their most combat-ready section are aimed at provoking a harsh response in the form of intensified measures of control and mass checks. The calculation done here is that the public in the region will be outraged by such actions," Makarkin believes.

Organizers of terrorist acts prefer to attract young people, advocating the renunciation of traditional Islam prevailing in the North Caucasus, he said. (Passage omitted)

At the same time, in his opinion, the Islamic universities opening in the North Caucasus could become an important ally of the law-enforcement agencies and the public in the fight against terrorism in the near future.

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