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Russian Communists protest against 'one-party monopoly' on TV

Moscow, 20 August: About 1,000 activists from the CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) and from some other left-wing organizations held a protest campaign (with the slogan) "No to an empire of lies" by the main entrance of the VVTs (All-Russian Exhibition Centre).

The rally's participants said that their campaign was targeted "against the informational blockade of the opposition and against the informational policy of television channels".

The protesters held red banners and signs with accusatory comments targeting television presenters, television "magnates" and the informational policy of central television channels, an Interfax correspondent reported.

State Duma deputy Vladimir Kashin opened the protest and accused the "backwaters of Ostankino (TV and radio centre)" of brainwashing and misinforming the Russian people.

For his part, (Sergey) Potapov, secretary of the CPRF's Moscow Committee, said that "a one-party monopoly can be observed on the majority of television channels".

"We are calling for the opposition to have access to television channels, for equal representation of all parliamentary parties in television broadcasts," he added.

The CPRF's press service in turn said that similar rallies are taking place outside several TV companies in Moscow.

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