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Rogozin suggests joint deterrence of piracy instead of speculation

BRUSSELS. Aug 20 (Interfax) - A well-organized pirate consortium is
responsible for the Arctic Sea ship situation, Russian Permanent
Representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said, thus rejecting speculations
about the transported cargo.

"Instead of speculating about the cargo carried by the Arctic Sea
and possible reasons for the Russian Navy's rescue of the Russian crew,
European bureaucrats should learn important lessons from this
situation," Rogozin told Interfax on Wednesday.

A number of media bodies, politicians and analysts claimed that the
ship might have been carrying nuclear equipment, radioactive materials,
drugs or armaments.

Former Estonian armed forces commander, EU rapporteur Tarmo Kouts
suggested the Arctic Sea may have been illegally transporting cruise
missiles to Iran.

"Mr. Admiral, who represents 'a great naval power', must clearly
understand why servicemen may travel many miles, far beyond the national
borders. They had only one goal this time - the goal was defined by the
Russian president as the release of our citizens and the saving of
lives," Rogozin said.

Estonian representative's words are an 'invention,' he said.

It is time to realize that any pirate attacks, including those
offshore Somalia and the Arctic Sea situation, are done by "a well-
organized network," he said. Obviously, ships may be attacked in various
regions, including Europe, he noted.

The release of crews, including the Russian successful operation,
may be discussed in September when the Russia-NATO Council resumed its
activity, Rogozin said.

It is possible to pool the efforts of security services and to
expose international criminal concerns backing sea pirates, he said.

These concerns deliberately plan attacks on civilian vessels, "and
they must be deterred with joint efforts of security services so that
sea piracy does not grow worldwide like cancer," Rogozin said.

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