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Russia's Public Chamber urges Duma to put off NGO bill

MOSCOW. Dec 18 (Interfax) - Russia's Public Chamber, a body that is still in the making, issued a fresh appeal on Sunday to the State Duma to put off a controversial draft law on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) until the Chamber completes its formation.

"In their [appeal], the Pubic Chamber continues to insist that the passage of this draft law be postponed until January, when the Public Chamber is formed completely and makes a study of this document," Yelena Zelinskaya, a member of the Chamber and vice president of Mediasoyuz, told Interfax.

The Chamber also "states with a sense of satisfaction" in its appeal "the beginning of a constructive dialogue with the legislators," including talks on the NGOs bill, Zelinskaya said.

She also said the Chamber meeting that issued the appeal also finished setting up a 12-member working group to hold consultations on the NGO draft law with all interested parties.