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Election Official: Russian Constitution Should Stay Unchanged for Next 10 Years

MOSCOW. Oct 22 (Interfax) - Chairman of the Central Elections Commission Alexander Veshnyakov said he believes it is essential to keep the Russian Constitution unchanged for at least the next 10 years.

"All changes in election legislation should be carried out only in the framework of the existing constitution," he said at the seventh international forum on constitutional justice in Moscow on Friday.

"The constitution of new Russia is 10 years old and during this time it has stood the test in very difficult conditions," Veshnyakov said. "I believe we should not only be protecting you, which is professionally done by the Constitutional Court in the first place, but also keeping it in its present form for the next 10 years," he said.

"This is quite feasible and necessary for having stability and the regular development of democratic elections in Russia," he said.