Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
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JRL #7269 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Oligarchs, Taxes 1 Russia's super-rich offer to pay more taxes Reuters
Economy, Inflation 2 Russians tired of inflation and rising prices RosBusinessConsulting
Russian Problems 3 Russian Summer of Discontent Rosbalt
Privatization Revision 4 Spin doctors seek to challenge privatization results gazeta.ru
Economy 5 Stability or Stagnation? Donald Jensen
Yukos Probe, Putin 6 The Yukos Affair and Putin's 2nd Term Moscow Times
Sergei Markov
Yukos Probe, Putin 7 Russian Official Says Probe Of Yukos Is Worrying Putin Wall Street Journal
Gregory White
Privatization Revision 8 Russia won't undo privatisation, official says Reuters
Political Parties 9 TO FIND THE RIGHT PERSON. An interview with political scientist Mikhail Savva. Versty
Chechnya, Bombings 10 Russia Finds No Corner Is Safe From Chechnya's War New York Times
Steven Lee Myers
Far East,
Chinese in Russia
11 A Tense Divide in Russia's Far East. Chinese Immigrants Face Anger and Envy of Northern Neighbors, Who Fear a Takeover. Washington Post
Peter Baker
Putin Ratings 12 Putin Continues To Enjoy Status As Most Popular Politician RFE/RL
Valentinas Mite
Economy, Illarianov 13 Cut Out for an Economic Miracle Moscow Times
Andrei Illarionov
Crime, Wealth 14 Wealth, status often overrule Russia's highway code Reuters