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YUKOS Probe Repercussions 1 Tycoon Takedown. The Kremlins campaign against one of the worlds richest men, a poster boy for the New Russia, could threaten the countrys fragile economy. Newsweek International
Christian Caryl
Standard of Living, Housing, Utilities 2 Russians complain about housing and utilities ITAR-TASS
Capital Flight
3 Kudrin expects capital transfers to Russia to exceed flight in 2003 Interfax
Culture, Anarchy, Caviar, Bennett Book 4 Book of the week. Fisher kings. In a brilliant analysis of Russias relationship with caviar, Vanora Bennett paints a vibrant portrait of an anarchic society in the making, says Ian Kelly. The Times (UK)
Binyon on Pushkin
5 Paperback of the week. Poet of the steppe. Mike Holland on Pushkin. (re Pushkin by TJ Binyon) The Observer (UK)
St. Petersburg Communal Housing 6 Russia's living nightmare: Communal dwellings in St Petersburg bring together the most unlikely housemates squalid communal houses should have gone out with the fall of communism Sunday Times (UK)
Joseph Dunn
Crime, Mafia 7 Help, the Russians are coming. Forget the Red Army, writes Vitali Vitaliev. The current crop of visitors from behind the old Iron Curtain are more likely to be mafia men. The Sunday Times
Theater, Stalin 8 If it's Summertime for Stalin in Edinburgh, it must be the Fringe. (re An Evening with Joe: Stalin the Musical) The Independent (UK)
James Morrison
Oligarchs, Berezovsky 9 How the TV tycoon fell foul of the Kremlin
(re Berezovsky)
Sunday Telegraph (UK) Simon Bell
Oligarchs & Putin, Berezovsky Interview 10 'Russian billionaires beware.' Boris Berezovsky, the original kingmaker among Moscow's oligarchs, warns the new capitalists against Putin's 'totalitarian' ambitions. Simon Bell meets him. Sunday Telegraph (UK)
Communist Culture
11 LENIN THE SURVIVOR. A Pantheon of One New York Times
Michael Wines
Gorbachev &
Iron Curtain Parkland
12 Gorbachev Pushes Plan to Turn Iron Curtain Into Parkland New York Times
Otto Pohl
Art Museum, Antonova 13 ART. She works the system. For decades, Irina Antonova cleverly protected the treasures of Moscow's Pushkin State Museum -- and now the world is watching. Los Angeles Times
David Holley
U.S.-Ukraine Relations, Kuchma 14 U.S. Shifts Stance on Ukrainian. Iraq Deployment Earns Gratitude for Once-Scorned Leader Washington Post
Susan Glasser
Tennis, Kournikova Media Image 15 Who is to Take Kournikova's Place? Anna Kournikova no longer a sex symbol? pravda.ru