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#16 - JRL 7251

MOSCOW, July 16, 2003 /from a RIA Novosti correspondent/. Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed preparations for the ratification of the Kyoto protocol with Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov.

In addition, the president and premier discussed the socio-economic forecast for the second half of the year and a package of priority bills to be submitted to the State Duma.

Vice Premier Viktor Khristenko believes that the Kyoto protocol will boost Russia's economic growth.

Commenting on an opinion that Russia should not ratify the Kyoto protocol, Khristenko told Rossiiskaya Gazeta that everything depended on the quality and speed of our economic development.

"At best, we will double the gross domestic product by 2010 and, in accordance with our energy strategy, GDP power intensity will be reduced by 100 per cent by 2020. Should we be afraid of the Kyoto protocol in this case? No. Russia easily fulfils its demands and has a margin of safety," Viktor Khristenko said.

"The worst scenario from the point of view of the Kyoto protocol: we will double the gross domestic product but won't save energy. Do we fall under sanctions in this case? Probably. However, we shall never double the gross domestic product is we don't save energy," Khristenko noted.

By the beginning of 2003, the Kyoto protocol has been ratified by 102 countries. The United State of America is among the countries, which refused to ratify it. The protocol obliges developed countries and countries with transitional economy to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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