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#8 - JRL 7250
One third of Muscovites know nothing about Yukos scandal

MOSCOW. July 15 (Interfax) - Most Muscovites are closely following the scandal involving the oil company Yukos, but assess the situation differently.

However, 36% of Muscovites polled are not informed at all about the Yukos story, ROMIR Monitoring announced, citing the results of the latest opinion poll.

Fourteen percent of those surveyed explain it as rivalry between businesses over property and 11% as the authorities' struggle against the oligarchs.

Nine percent of the respondents view probes into the Yukos case as routine work of the Prosecutor General's Office, 3% said the probe was provoked by Yukos itself, and 5% expressed other opinions.

Twenty-two percent of the 500 respondents were undecided.

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