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JRL #7222 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Corruption 1 Russians campaign to stamp out corruption. Bid to end bribery, graft as a way of life National Post (Canada)
Matthew Fisher
Oligarch Film 2 History Ended, and There Was Money to Be Made. (re PAVEL LOUNGUINE'S Tycoon: A New Russian) New York Times
film review
Stephen Kotkin
Okhotin Case, Government Corruption, Religious Oppression 3 SLIP-UP ON THE CHURCH ROAD John Helmer
Xenophobia 4 Black in the USSR. Xenophobia is on the increase in Russia, propelled by groups of violent extremists. Financial Times (UK)
Hugh Barnes
Energy 5 Russia emerging as energy powerhouse Daily Yomiuri
Vladimir Ivanov
Politics, Glazev 6 SERGEI YURIEVICH GLAZEV -- RAISING KEYNES RFE/RL Russian Political Weekly
Julie Corwin
Washington-Moscow Hotline 7 Forty Years on Official Translator Looks Back on Russia-US Hotline BBC Monitoring
Iraq, U.S. Threat Assessments 8 Exaggerating The Threats. Iraq is part of a pattern. Saddam was assumed to be working on a vast weapons program to the end because he was an evil man. Newsweek
Fareed Zakaria
Animal Cruelty,
Stag Blood Baths
9 Stags' blood bath draws tourists into wilderness Julius Strauss in the Altai mountains reports on a gory event for rich Russians in Siberia. The Electronic Telegraph (UK)
Julius Strauss
Wagner 10 Ringing in the century. (re Wagner in Russia) The Economist (UK)
Political Art,
Sculptor Kerbel
11 Sculpting Soviet Giants, Watching Them Fall. (re Lev Kerbel) New York Times
Michael Wines