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#13 - JRL 7220
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003
From: "CYNTHIA LEBEUF" <lebeufc@cucentral.com>
Subject: Re: 7217 - Putin Prays

I know you just consolidate the news, not write it yourself, but I took exception to something in the first item of this issue and I wanted to bring it to your attention. I'm not sure if it was a writer's error or a translation issue, but I know it's wrong.

In the second last line of the first item it says "The relics have already been worshipped..." You should know that no Catholic or Orthodox follower would ever 'worship' relics. Worship is for God and the Holy Trinity alone. However, in both faiths, it is common to "venerate" the relics of saints, that is give deep respect and pray for a particular saint to intercede on the believer's behalf in prayer to God.

Many other Christians misunderstand the role that saints (and Mary) hold within the two churches. I think it's important not to spread falsities that may end up misinforming people of the true relationship. Thanks.

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