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JRL #7213 Simple Text - Entire Issue

Hardt Retirement 1 Top Russia Expert Retiring From US Congressional Reseach Service. (John Hardt) Voice of America
Barry Wood 
Katzner Obituary 2 Russian Language Expert Katzner Dies AP
Elections 3 Russian parliament brings vote date forward Reuters
Human Rights 4 HR commissioner says even his rights are violated gazeta.ru
Human Rights 5 Activists Say Human Rights Violations Rampant in Russia RFE/RL Washington
Russian Immigrants, U.S. National Security 6 Russian Interests Vs. American National Security. Russian immigrants work for the American security. pravda.ru
Political Parties, Yaboloko 7 TO SURVIVE, YABLOKO WILL HAVE TO FORGET ITS PRINCIPLES Rossiiskaya Gazeta
Chechnya Amnesty 8 Russians divided over Chechen amnesty - poll Interfax
Putin System 9 The Dilemmas of Red or Expert. www.
untimely-thoughts.com Peter Lavelle
Media, TV Ownership 10 Shareholder shift ends debilitating dispute at last Russian independent TV AFP
Economic Growth 11 It is unlikely that Russia Will Manage to Achieve 10-Percent GDP Growth Kommersant
Julian Schweitzer [World Bank]
Communal Apartments 12 City Anniversary Changes Little For Residents Of Petersburg's 'Kommunalki.' RFE/RL
Jeremy Bransten
Oligarch Coup 13 Oligarchs prepare political coup RosBusinessConsulting
Oligarch Coup 14 St Pete's group may hurt Putin while targeting oligarchs - TV commentator. (Yuliya Latynina) BBC Monitoring
Economy 15 Capitalizing on good fortune Prime-TASS
Peter Westin
Stalin, New Book 16 The accountancy of pain. Robert Service reads Gulag by Anne Applebaum, a study of Stalin's forced labour camps that examines the logistics of the gulag system as well as its horror. The Guardian (UK)
book review
Zoo Abuses 17 Report describes Russian zoo as abusive, notes hundreds of animal deaths Knight Ridder Newspapers
Mark McDonald