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Pasternak Village 1 Fields of 'Dr. Zhivago' ripe for developers' bulldozers. Residents of the village where Boris Pasternak wrote fight to preserve its tranquil character. (Peredelkino) Chicago Tribune
Alex Rodriguez
Nuclear Weapons, Sakharov Monument 2 Monument to Sakharov unveiled in St. Petersburg Interfax-Northwest
News 3 TV1 Review Luba Schwartzman
Iran Nuclear Program 4 US pressures Russia over Iran nuclear cooperation Reuters
Europe-CIS Economic Union 5 Putin to Back Common Economic Space AP
Missile Defense 7 Putin, Bush to Focus on Missile Defense AP
Oligarchs 8 Oligarchs Get May Day Lashing Moscow Times
Nabi Abdullaev
Empire, New Book 9 The shaky realms that hubris built. (re The Dust of Empire, The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland by Karl E. Meyer) Los Angeles Times book review
David Shipler
Berezovsky 10 Exiled Berezovsky turns Russian bear The Electronic Telegraph (UK)
Malcolm Moore
Political Parties 11 Koch hopes Union of Right Forces will take third place in Duma election Interfax
Political Parties 12 AN EXCHANGE OF RIGHT FORCES. Anatoly Chubais is seeking a replacement for Boris Nemtsov. Versiya
Arina Chivonivtil
Oligarchs 13 OLIGARCHS OF THE PUTIN ERA. A brief guide to the Russian oligarchic system. Smysl
Vladimir Pribylovsky
Putin, Nazdratenko 14 Putin finds place for Kasyanov's arch-foe. (Nazdratenko) gazeta.ru
Military 15 There Is No Threat, but We Do Need To Arm Ourselves. (Russia's Military Needs Viewed Ahead of Putin Message) Strana.ru
Nikita Petrov
EBRD 16 Post-communist nations offered a helping hand. EBRD investment is an incentive to deal with life in a new world. The Times (UK)
Robin Shepherd
Hermitage 17 Russia's Hermitage learns Western ways to survive Reuters
St. Petersburg 18 An old Russian city looks to Florida for modern, innovative ideas St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Howard Troxler