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From: "Maria K. Pulzetti" <pulzetti@scji.org>
Subject: Director search
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 

Job Announcement

Stichting Chechnya Justice Initiative and Pravovaia Initsiativa po Chechne
seek an Executive Director for the Chechnya Justice Project.

The Chechnya Justice Project seeks to combat impunity for serious human
rights abuses committed during the current conflict in Chechnya and to
promote respect for rights enshrined in Russian law and in the European
Convention on Human Rights.  The project provides legal aid to selected
victims of serious human rights violations--forced disappearance, arbitrary
detention, torture and ill-treatment, summary execution, indiscriminate
attacks, and destruction of property-- representing their interests both
before Russian authorities and before the European Court of Human Rights in
Strasbourg.  The project maintains offices in Moscow and in Ingushetia, the
province bordering Chechnya.  Currently the project represents clients from
sixty-two families.

The position is open to qualified women and men of any nationality. The
ideal candidate shall be committed to justice and respect for human rights;
creative and able to lead the project with minimal guidance or supervision;
a quick learner who is both detail-oriented and able to define long-term
goals. The position, based in Moscow, begins in late June 2003.  The
Chechnya Justice Project will select a candidate willing to make a long-term
commitment to the project.

 Fluency in Russian and English at professional working levels
 Background in international law or human rights
 Experience working for a non-governmental organization or in legal aid
 Project management experience
 Advanced degree
 Collegiality; strong interpersonal and writing skills; computer literacy

 Experience working in the Russian Federation or former Soviet Union
 Knowledge of the conflict in Chechnya
 Familiarity with the European Court of Human Rights; proficiency in
Russian law
 Proven record of fundraising

Job description:
The Executive Director reports to the board of the Stichting Chechnya
Justice Initiative. S/he works with the projects legal staff of three
people, research team of two people, and Moscow office manager and performs
a wide range of functions, including project management, development, legal
research/writing, public relations, and field research.

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of the
Chechnya Justice Project, including but not limited to:
 Fundraising, financial management and grant reporting;
 Developing the projects legal strategy;
 Overseeing the projects caseload and evaluating potential new cases;
 Reviewing submissions to Russian courts and to the European Court of Human
 Meeting with and briefing clients and potential clients;
 Acting as a public face for the project;
 Ensuring security of the projects staff and clients
 Recruiting, training, and evaluating staff members;
 Reporting to the board;
 Maintaining and establishing relationships with colleague NGOs and legal
 Managing the projects staff of 8 people;
 Writing and developing materials that describe the project.

In addition, the Executive Director should expect to:
 Find and coordinate consultants;
 Formulate and oversee academic research projects;
 Write content for the projects web site;
 Travel to conferences and seminars to represent the project; travel to the
European Court in Strasbourg
 Develop the projects budget and funding strategy;
 Speak to the press;
 Expand the projects Advisory and Recommendation committees;
 Lead quarterly staff meetings/retreats;
 Organize training seminars

The CJP offers a competitive salary and benefits package and twenty days
paid vacation per year. The selected candidate will initially be offered a
1-year contract, with possibility of extension.

How to apply:
Apply immediately.  Applications accepted until 21 April 2003.
Interested applicants should submit to moscow@scji.org or fax +7 095 252
0792  :
 a CV (in English)
 two reference letters
 unedited writing samples in English and Russian.

The project will contact potential finalists for interviews in April and May

Maria K. Pulzetti
Director, Chechnya Justice Initiative
P.O. Box 11. 111 555 Moscow. Russia
Tel/fax: +7 095 252 0792
Mobile:  +7 903 204 2675
Email:   pulzetti@scji.org

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