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#12 - JRL 7218
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003
From: Alice Lagnado
Subject: young writers

Dorogie lyudi, Please pass this on to any bright-eyed youngsters you know who might be interested:

Are you a keen Russian journalism student, budding writer or artist?

We are a small Russian-language human rights newspaper looking for smart young people to contribute to our next issue.

Wed love to see your reports, feature stories, comments, or cartoons. We cant pay a kopeck but we can offer you the opportunity to work closely with an experienced British foreign correspondent and hopefully publish a piece that you can show to prospective employers.

We dont just want the gloomy stuff. Positive human stories are great, too. Perhaps you know someone where you live who does something amazing to help others. Perhaps you are fighting your own human rights battle yourself. Perhaps youre tired of reading the same old stuff in the newspapers. Or maybe youd just like to share a few good anekdoti.

Ne molchi! Write today to: youngtolstoys@yahoo.co.uk or call Alice Lagnado on 291 6233 or 8 902 691 7138.

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