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Iraq War 1 Russian Leader: Iraqi Army Still Potent AP
Iraq War Media 2 A Bias Ekes Out Of War Coverage Moscow Times
Andrei Zolotov Jr.
Iraq War 3 If Iraq Wins, Russia Loses Moscow Times
Andrei Piontkovsky
Anti-Americanism 4 Radzikhovskiy Examines Russia's National Disease -- Anti-Americanism Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Media 5 Global News A la Russe? pravda.ru
Iraq War & Russia 6 Russia advises Iraq on U.S. plan UPI
Martin Sieff
Iraq War & Putin 7 PUTIN THE PACIFIST? Jamestown Foundation Russia and Eurasia Review
Pavel Baev
Energy 8 Russia sees no future for PSA oil, gas deals Reuters
Pope John Paul II 9 Pope voices readiness to return Russia's most sacred icon ITAR-TASS
Chechnya Amnesty 10 Duma suggests amnesty for both sides in Chechnya gazeta.ru
Russian Army 11 The Future of the Russian Army: An Interview with Stephen Blank. Washington Profile News Agency
Russian Military & Religion 12 30% of Russia's servicemen are believers - Defense Ministry Interfax
Human Rights 13 Fighting For Change In Good And Bad Times. (Lev Ponomarev) RFE/RL
Gregory Feifer
Oil Exports 14 Russia eyes new oil markets in Asia-Pacific Asia Times
Sergei Blagov