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JRL #7069 ~ RAS 16 Plain Text - Entire Issue

Edited by Stephen D. Shenfield, shenfield@neaccess.net

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Politics 1 POLITICS: Managed pluralism
Siberia 2 POLITICS: Amalgamating Siberian regions
Local Government 3 POLITICS: Restructuring local government
Child Trade 4 THE CRIMINAL ECONOMY: The trade in children
Prostitution 5 THE CRIMINAL ECONOMY: The structure of prostitution
Military Reform 6 SOCIETY: Prospects of military reform
Internet 7 SOCIETY: How many Russians use the internet?
Caspian 8 ECOLOGY: PIPELINES: The Caspian oil pipeline
Siberia 9 ECOLOGY: PIPELINES: Oil and gas pipelines in the Lake Baikal region
EU 10 RUSSIA AND ITS NEIGHBORS: Russia--EU: the northern traffic interface
Belarus 11 RUSSIA AND ITS NEIGHBORS: Russia--Belarus: the union that never happens
Afghanistan 12 RUSSIA AND ITS NEIGHBORS: The federal option for Afghanistan
Cold War 13 HISTORY OF THE COLD WAR: The GRU estimates of Western military-economic potential
Cold War 14 HISTORY OF THE COLD WAR: The CIA estimates of Soviet economic strength