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#17 - JRL 7040
From: Don Jensen <JensenD@rferl.org>
Subject: RFE/RL headline summary of major stories
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003


In order to better serve the needs of our many readers, RFE/RL will begin a news service in the next few days that will provide subscribers with a headline summary of major stories from our broadcast region. It will include both the major news stories from our central news division, as well as the analytical material produced by RFE/RL's renowned analysis team. One need only click on the relevant http: to be connected directly to the full story on our website. Most of our current subscribers will receive samples via email, and be asked if they wish to receive the service every day. Others interested in receiving the material can contact Melody Jones at 202-457-6949 or jonesme@rferl.org. They can also contact me directly.

Although the format is still tentative, I enclose a sample from today's news to show what we will be providing.


Don Jensen
Director of Communications
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
RFE/RL Headlines
Wednesday, 29 January 2003


A daily listing of headlines from RFE/RL's 15 publications as well as features and analyses from our correspondents.


FEATURE ARTICLES by our News and Current Affairs correspondents


** U.S.: Bush Says Iraq Linked To Al-Qaeda

** CIS: Ukrainian President Selected As New Chairman

** Chechnya: Human Rights Watch Says Referendum A 'Strange' Idea

** U.S.: Bush Rallies Americans For Possible War Against Iraq In 'State Of Union' Speech

** U.S.: Will Bush's Hard Line Intimidate Iraq Or Alienate Allies?

** UN: Course Of Action Unclear As Impatience With Iraq Grows

** Central Asia: Leaders Look To UN, Not U.S., To Deal With Iraq

** Russia: Oil Giant, Pipeline Monopoly At Odds

** Caspian Sea: Is The U.S. Losing Interest In Oil Resources?

** Kazakhstan: Did The Swiss Mountain Air Help Clear Nazarbaev's Image?

** East: Report Cites Numerous Violations Of Media Freedoms

** Afghanistan: UN Survey Results Show Risks From Poor Water, Air Quality

** Czech Republic: First Czech Wins 'European Of The Year' Award

For Charity Work

** EU: Survey Shows Attitudes Not Always Welcoming Toward Candidates

** EU: Brussels Uses Membership Prospects To Coax Reforms In Western Balkans



RFE/RL NEWSLINE by our regional analysts


** Moscow Firmly Against Military Action In Iraq

** Government Concerned About Dependence On Natural-Resources Exports...

** ...And Looks To Curb Food Imports

** Incumbent Pledges Armenian Presidential Election Will Be 'Civilized'

** Former Armenian Foreign Minister Founds New Political Movement

** Azerbaijani Opposition Downplays Importance Of President's Son's New Post

** Belarus Registers Candidates For Local Elections

** Belarusians Pay Final Tribute To Folk-Rock Singer

** Kyiv Hosts CIS Summit...

** Macedonian Government Dissolves Controversial Police Unit

** European Parliament Leaders Say 2003 Will Be Crucial For Macedonia

** Sfor Will Not Hand Over Terrorist Suspect To Bosnian Authorities

** Cabinet Reshuffle In Afghanistan

** Unhcr Offices Remain Open

** Commission Formed In Afghanistan To Review Cable-Tv Ban...





** Colorado Governor Meets With Tatar Government Officials

** Minister: 150 State-Run Businesses To Be Privatized In 2003

** Export Contract Restarts KamAZ Assembly Line


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