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From: "Leonid Dobrokhotov" <dobrokhotov1947@yahoo.com>
Subject: Russian State Duma's Iraqi Resolution
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003

State Duma of the Russian Federation Statement
"On The Worsening Situation Around The Republic of Iraq"
(adopted January 22, 2003) 23.01.2003
Press Service, C.C. of CPRF.

The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation is watching with deep concern the developments around the Republic of Iraq, as well as the dangerous escalation of the US military presence in the Persian Gulf region.

The deputies of the State Duma note with satisfaction, that the Government of the Republic of Iraq meticulously fulfils the requirements of the UN Security Council Resolution 1441 (2002). In due time the Republic of Iraq has handed over to the UN Security Council a report with a detailed statement on the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs, and also on delivery systems of such weapons. Iraq has ensured immediate, unobstructed, unconditional and unlimited access of the UN Supervision, Control and Inspection Commission to all facilities on the territory of Iraq. The Government of the Republic of Iraq has provided the United Nations with the list of Iraq scientists, who were involved in the weapons of mass destruction. programs.

Other demands of the UN Security Council Resolution 1441 (2002) are also being strictly carried out. Hundreds of sites have already been inspected. The UN inspectors did not find any evidence of presence in Iraq of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons or intention to create such weapons. The preliminary estimates show, that Iraq has fulfilled its obligations on elimination of weapons of mass destruction. As is known, the UN Security Council resolution 687 (1991) provides, that after fulfillment by the Republic of Iraq of all requirements on disarmament, the sanction against this country, that cause heavy sufferings of millions of its citizens, must be lifted.

The State Duma observes with alarm, however, that, despite positive cooperation of the Republic of Iraq with the UN Supervision, Control and Inspection Commission, the USA, without waiting for the results of the Commission's work and for the assessment of its findings by the UN Security Council, are preparing for an armed intervention in the Republic of Iraq aimed at forceful change of its leadership. The United States of America repeatedly declared, that such intervention would be carried out even on unilateral basis, without appropriate mandate of the UN Security Council. The dates of the attack against this Arab State have already been mentioned.

Despite absence of any proofs of presence in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction and despite readiness of Iraq strictly to observe the UN requirements, the United States of America, apparently, are going to achieve their own political ends in the Middle East under the U|N cover. The US actions can be considered as preparation for an armed aggression against a UN member state, as a gross violation of the UN Charter, that will undermine the prestige of the United Nations and of the UN Security Council, will destabilize the world and lead to growth of threat of the international terrorism.

This situation causes lawful concern in many states of the world, including West European states. Particular concern is being expressed by the Middle East states. The change of a political regime in one of the Arab states by direct foreign military intervention will create a most dangerous precedent, inadmissible in the I century. This step will inevitably lead to the destruction of the system of international relations. It is easy to predict consequences of such developments, including for the national interests of Russia.

The State Duma expresses hope, that the Republic of Iraq will continue constructive cooperation with the UN Supervision, Control and Inspection Commission, will completely fulfill the UN Security Council resolution 1441 (2002) and in the future will adhere to the policy of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The State Duma calls on the President of the Russian Federation Mr.V.Putin and on the Government of the Russian Federation to take immediately all possible measures, including those in the UN Security Council, to prevent the US military action against Iraq.

The State Duma emphasizes the need for coordinated actions of the Russian Federation, of the European and of the Middle East states with the purpose to find political means allowing to prevent a new war in the Middle East.

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