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Year of Russia in Ukraine web site opened in Kiev 

Kiev, 27 January: The official web site of the Year of Russia in Ukraine was opened on Monday [27 January]. The site's logo is "Ukraine and Russia from Common Sources to Common Goals". The site offers political, economic and social news from Ukraine and Russia, information about cooperation between the two countries and various announcements.

The "Newest Chronology" section gives a list of important events in Ukrainian-Russian relations since 1990 without comments. The latter can be found in a special section called "Facts and Commentaries" where relations between Russia and Ukraine are presented in figures, facts, studies and expert views.

The latest studies focused on interconfessional problems in Ukraine and how they are influenced by Russia, as well as on the status of the Russian language in Ukraine.

The site can be accessed at www.russia.org.ua. It supports Russian and Ukrainian languages.

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