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#20 - JRL 7034
Putin calls for more transparency in Russia's judicial system

Moscow, 24 January: President Vladimir Putin has called the creation of a
jury system for trials one of the country's key goals for judicial reform.

"We can't limit the process of establishing of powerful judicial
authorities and an efficient court system with a time frame. We are going
to keep working on this," Putin said at a session marking the Supreme
Court's 80th anniversary today.

"Other important tasks include the creation of a jury system, increasing
the number of justices of the peace and improving the quality of judges'
performance," the president noted. He stressed that "the Supreme Court can
and should play a special consolidating role" in tacking these tasks

The president noted that the most crucial goal for judicial reform "is
making judges' work more transparent". "It is quite obvious that being open
to society plays the most important role in increasing the trust in courts
and improving their reputation," Putin said.
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