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#8 - JRL 7031
From: "Beth Knobel" <BKP@cbsnews.com>
Subject: re 7030-Visas&Immigration Card
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003

Here is a response to Neil McGowan: Immigration cards, from JRL 7030

Neil McGowan is right--this new Migration Card requirement is fast turning into a nightmare. (Small correction: I believe they are being called "Migation Cards" and not "Immigration Cards.") Five of us from CBS have crossed the Russia border since the 1st of January, and NONE of us could get this card. The Border Guards at Sheremetyevo-2 actually laughed at me when I requested one!

Our curator at the Russian Foreign Ministry has suggested that we send him a written complaint every time someone crosses into Russia and is not given this card, noting the place and time and reason given for not having the cards. I suggest that all journalists do the same, and that others send a written complaint to whoever issued their invitations, so that the Russian government can figure out that it either needs to make this system work or drop it.

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