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MOSCOW, January 22. /RIA NOVOSTI/ - The Voice of Russia, a Moscow-based English-language radio broadcasting service, appeared on the American air, January 1-which Rachel Staviski, company vice-president, described as "breakthrough day" in her RIA Novosti interview.

Russian programmes are now available in the USA on short waves, local cable networks, mobile cellular phones and car radios-all in prime time, 6 pm, local time.

The Voice of Russia is available in the USA via the Telstar 5 satellite. A majority of clients of the Voice's partner, the WRN, or World Radio Net, receive programmes through it. A monthly average 777,000 households use the Telstar as it broadcasts the Voice of Russia in the USA's biggest states, said Miss Staviski.

It is easy to get the Voice even on the overcrowded American air thanks to the satellite Radio Sirius, or Channel 111, with digital broadcasting for car radios. An approximate 100,000 American cars presently have such sets.

There is also the SCOLA net, a nonprofit educational company, which also broadcasts the Voice of Russia. Mainly intended for school and college students and professors, it offers ample information from Moscow to all who take an interest in Russian history, culture and customs.

The USA also has a NEXTEL mobile cellular telephone net, which offers the Voice of Russia in English and Russian. The Voice is second most popular among the net's radio clients, say NEXTEL managers.

With WRN technical assistance, the Voice of Russia is broadcasting in six languages on the world web in the Real Audio format, added Miss Staviski.

"To add to all that, we relay our English-, Russian- and German-language programmes via satellites to local broadcasting nets in Asia, Africa, North America and a part of Europe," she said.

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