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North Korea 1 Russia envoy says 'successful' talks with N. Korea Reuters
Media, NTV, Jordan Firing 2 Moscow Media Boss Fired From Post Amid Accusations Of Kremlin Control RFE/RL
Gregory Feifer
Winter Disaster, Heating Systems 3 Pipes are 'popping like soap bubbles.' The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Mark MacKinnon
Chechnya, al Qaeda 4 Russia claims to have proof linking Chechen rebels to al Qaeda Interfax
Iraq, I. Ivanov 5 Iraq war to lead world to more divisions. Former Russian PM says US war on Iraq could divide world on basis of religion, civilizations. Middle East Online
Duma, Reform 6 Russia govt to follow Duma's lead on power reform Reuters
Energy Sector Reform 7 Voloshin heeds Illarionov's advice gazeta.ru
State Statistics 8 Goscomstat understates, while being underappreciated Prime-TASS
Peter Lavelle
Putin 9 Putin Puts the Pride Back in Russia Insight
Jamie Dettmer
North Korea 10 Russia: Peacemaker on the Korean Peninsula? Transitions Online
Sergei Borisov
Southeast Asia 11 Russia's retreat from Southeast Asia Asia Times
Stephen Blank
Communists 12 Better Well-Fed Than Red Moscow Times
Boris Kagarlitsky
Elections 13 WILL THERE BE SECOND ROUND OF PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN RUSSIA? One year before the parliamentary elections in Russia there is ample information allowing one to understand the main probable scenarios of this election cycle. Izvestia
Nikita Ivanov