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Nord-Ost victims died due to poorly organized rescue - relatives

MOSCOW. Jan 20 (Interfax) - The Moscow Tverskoi Court is currently trying lawsuits filed by people who were rescued from the Dubrovka theater and relatives of those who died in the attack. The court heard explanations on three suits on Monday.

The proceedings began with another objection to the judge, Interfax learned. The objection was filed by Irina Khramtsova, the daughter of a Nord-Ost musician who died in the attack. According to Khramtsova, "the court is economically dependent on the defendant [the Moscow government] and cannot be impartial." However, Judge Marina Gorbacheva declined the objection to her position for the third time and continued the hearing.

Khramtsova was followed by Larisa Frolova, whose son and daughter- in-law were killed in the attack. The woman was left with her husband and two small grandchildren. Frolova alleges that her loved ones died "as a result of the poor organization of the rescue operation."

The next person to speak in court was Zoya Chernetsova, who lost her only son Danila, 21, whom she had raised alone. The woman said her son had gotten married two months before the attack and his 19-year old wife still does not believe that he is dead and is waiting for him to come back.

Chernetsova told the court how she looked for her son in morgues and hospitals. Her son was carried straight to the morgue and was identified after forensic tests were conducted. Chernetsova, who is a doctor by profession and served in Afghanistan in 1979-1980, believes that her son died because he was not given medical aid early enough.

"I don't have anyone now, I don't know how to go on living," the woman told the court. She said her pension is currently 1,606 rubles. The hearing will continue on Tuesday.

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