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#11 - JRL 7024
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003
From: Artemis Christodulou <artemis.christodulou@yale.edu>
Subject: Stalin's Heads Memorial Garden

The International Center for Transitional Justice in NY and the International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience are currently preparing a power-point presentation on how memorials may positively impact areas emerging from periods of violence and repression. In this context, we are trying to gather more information on the background of the Stalin's Heads Garden in Moscow; we have not been able to find specific information on the memorial, including details on its creation. Any information list members might offer would be appreciated.

Below, for those interested, I have included additional information on "The Power of Memorials: Human Rights, Justice and the Struggle for Memory".

Thank you for your consideration.


Artemis Christodulou
Project Coordinator

"The Power of Memorials: Human Rights, Justice and the Struggle for Memory" aims to take members of government, NGOs and other interested individuals on a visual tour of a number of memorials of different shapes, sizes and origins in order to consider together what makes a memorial a successful prism through which to examine the past and the present and to prepare for the future. Main sections of the presentation will endeavor to broaden the imagination on what a memorial is, examine the potential of memorials and discuss how memorials can achieve that potential. We hope that through this presentation we may begin to inspire a conversation about how communities may make sites of memory into significant resources for lasting dialogue, justice and reconciliation.

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