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#11 - JRL 7020
From: "Christopher B. Stone" <stonec@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: Russian-American Technololgy Forum and 3d U.S.-Russia Business Roundtable
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003

David, two announcements for JRL readers:

1) Three Silicon Valley-based businesspeople with extensive experience in Russia -- Gary A. Fowler of Mirantis, Inc., Natalia Troufanova of A4Vision, Inc., and Christopher B. Stone -- announce the creation of a new nonprofit organization called the Russian-American Technology Forum, Inc. ("RATF"). RATF's mission is to promote the bilateral technology trade partnership between the United States and Russia. In addition to acting as a chamber of commerce, RATF will provide networking opportunities, sponsor policy conferences and symposiua, facilitate the showcasing of new technology, and so forth. Mr. Fowler will serve as Co-Chair and President of RATF, Ms. Troufanova will be Co-Chair, and Mr. Stone will be Vice President.

A full press release appears below. RATF will roll out its website, www.ratf.org, by the beginning of February. To join RATF or obtain more information, please contact me at cstone@sbcglobal.net or Gary Fowler at garyf@mirantis.com.

2) On February 20th, 2003, the Third U.S.-Russia Business Roundtable will take place in Silicon Valley. Confirmed speakers include U.S. Secretary of Commerce Evans and Russian Minister of Telecommunications Reiman. The venue is the Marriott Hotel in San Mateo, California, and registration begins at 8am.

To register for the Roundtable or for more information, please contact Gary Fowler at garyf@mirantis.com.

Best regards, -Chris

-----------------------BEGIN PRESS RELEASE---------------------


New Non-Profit Organization Will Focus on Bridging Technology Relations and Easing Market Entry Barriers Between the Two Countries

Foster City, CA, January 13, 2003 - Mirantis, Inc., a premier provider of managed Technology Development Centers (TDCs) for major software, hardware, biotech, and other sophisticated technology companies, announced the appointment of Senior Vice President Gary A. Fowler to the position of Co-Chair and President of the Russian-American Technology Forum ("RATF"). Fowler is also an active member of the Russian American Business Dialog, an official working group assembled by Presidents Bush and Putin.

In addition, Natalia Troufanova of A4Vision, Inc. will serve as Co-Chair of RATF. She brings significant business experience and Russian contacts to this group. Christopher B. Stone will serve as Executive Vice President of the group and has extensive experience working in the Russian financial and legal communities. RATF will be a new non-profit organization that promotes the bilateral technology trade partnership between the United States and Russia. In addition to acting as a chamber of commerce, RATF will bring value to its members by providing networking opportunities, showcasing new technology at trade shows, and advocating the continued easing of market barriers between the United States and Russia.

Fowler said, "RATF will serve as a voice for our two countries' business relations in the technology sector. I am pleased to be a founding member of this organization, and I look forward to the goodwill this organization will create and the opportunities to increase the bilateral technology trade between Russia and the U.S. Our team has extensive experience in U.S.-Russia business relations and will continue to extend the relationships between these two countries." Troufanova added, "Globalization will continue to play a significant role in future operations of technology companies, and the creation of RATF will help companies to take advantage of this strategic opportunity."

Troufanova continued, "Gary is a trusted partner in the U.S. for Russia's technology entrepreneurs. His ability to create relationships engenders a trust that will serve both countries' interests. We plan on utilizing his vast experience in the formation of the Russia-America Technology Roundtables to launch our program."

ABOUT MIRANTIS, INC. Mirantis extends its clients' core R&D capabilities by providing top-level scientists, engineers and programmers to create "instant-on," state-of-the-art Technology Development Centers located offshore that seamlessly integrate with the client's existing development teams. As an award-winning employer of choice, Mirantis selects and hires highly skilled research, design, and engineering teams for each client providing the exact skills and experience required. The Mirantis distinction is a model that goes far beyond simple staffing or project outsourcing. Mirantis extends the client's core development organizations by supporting each team with dozens of specialized services, enabling the client to focus on the goal of the projects. Mirantis serves the software, hardware, biotech, and other industries where employee knowledge is vital and employee retention is strategically important. Mirantis operates TDCs in locations where "hard to find" skills are prevalent; cost advantages are compelling, and access to Western Europe, Asia and the US is easy. Contact: Mirantis, Inc., Gary Fowler, 650-286-9250; garyf@mirantis.com or www.mirantis.com

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