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Economy, Gref 1 Russia has economic growth potential of 6-10% a year - Gref Interfax
State Statistics Accuracy 2 THE CHINA SYNDROME. Analysts suspect the state's statistics are not entirely accurate. Izvestia
Aleksei Tikhonov
Foreign Trade 3 Russian state committee releases data on January-November foreign trade Interfax
Energy, Winter 4 Situation normal: Russia is frozen solid. Even the search for new energy stops when winter hits. The Guardian (UK)
Nick Paton Walsh
Hostage 5 Secret videotape to help Nord-Ost victims gazeta.ru
Solzhenitsyn Health 6 Solzhenitsyn's discharge date from hospital not yet set Interfax
Media, Pasko 7 Jailed Russian reporter may be freed in January: lawyer.(Pasko) AFP
Religion, Agency 8 Russian Christian leader opposed to idea of agency for religious affairs ITAR-TASS
U.S., War, Oil 9 U.S. Seeks to Calm Russian Fears on War, Oil Supplies Los Angeles Times
Paul Richter
U.S.-Russian Relations 10 U.S. steps up pressure on Russia The Hindu (India)
Vladimir Radyuhin
Russian Navy, Persian Gulf 11 Russian warships on standby to sail to Gulf The Guardian (UK)
Nick Paton Walsh
Corruption 12 THE PRICE OF AN OFFICIAL: IN RUBLES, DOLLARS AND A SENTENCE. Transparency of state service: myth or reality?(Interview with Georgy Satarov) Rossiiskaya Gazeta
Poverty 13 Even As Incomes Rise, Poverty Remains Endemic RFE/RL
Gregory Feifer
Elections & Economy 14 Elections and the economy Timothy Frye
Chechnya Constitution Referendum 15 Russia ignores violence, sets Chechnya vote date Reuters
Russia & North Korea, Vershbow 16 U.S.: Russia Is 'in Denial' on N. Korea. (Vershbow) AP
Missile Defense Proposal 17 Russia Proposes Plan on Missile Defense AP
Political Music 18 Humorous political music tunes Yaroslav Grekov
U.S. Superpower Status 19 America Could Lose Its Superpower Status Izvestia
Nikolai Zlobin
Oil, Business 20 Lukoil''s Changing Fortunes UPI
Sam Vaknin
EU & Russia 21 "Russia will Never Enter into the European Union." The former Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. pravda.ru
Marek Belka
Film Review 22 review of film Out of the Present Cineaste Magazine Louis Menashe