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Rebel web site ridicules Moscow's efforts to establish order in Chechnya
Source: Daymohk news agency web site, Baku, in Russian 8 Jan 03

8 January: Hardly had the echo of the Groznyy blast [of 27 December] subsided when the Kremlin's main puppet, [head of the pro-Moscow administration of Chechnya Akhmad] Kadyrov, accused [rebel Chechen] President Aslan Maskhadov of having orchestrated it. Kadyrov was lucky again, as during the attack of Chechen fighters on the building of the puppet government he was in Moscow to receive instructions on putting the "political process" back on track.

Not very long ago, Kadyrov was vehemently brushing aside any initiatives to hold negotiations with Maskhadov's representatives, saying presumptuously that "order is being re-established in the republic" and any talks with "terrorists" were out of the question. His Moscow bosses "encouraged" their puppet by promising to conduct "a constitutional referendum" and "presidential elections" on the occupied territories of Chechnya. Naturally, Kadyrov sees himself as the most likely winner in these elections, assurances of which he much has received from [Russian President Vladimir] Putin.

The reckless "accusations" against President Maskhadov are explained by the same motives: Maskhadov's status of a legitimate president of Chechnya is the key factor for Kadyrov's inferiority complex. How else can Maskhadov's legitimacy be called into question if not through accusations of "terrorism"? Maskhadov's legitimacy is the most illustrious evidence of the upcoming falsification of the so-called elections.

Kadyrov's known statement that the order to blow up the "government" building was issued by Maskhadov was the only way for him to turn the events in his own favour. Or at least this is what must have crossed his mind at that time. But the facts speak volumes. Against the backdrop of unending statements by Moscow and its puppet administration in Groznyy that the "counter-terrorism" operation is nearing its end, the Chechen fighters managed to break through three rings of the occupation troops to their so-called government building, where Kadyrov probably felt safe and inaccessible. The miserable head of the "controlling" administration could have literally been sent flying together with his "government".

The objective conclusions of what happened have been voiced by Kadyrov himself. Answering a question about what measures were being taken in Groznyy in the wake of the blast, Kadyrov said in despair: "We have carried out so many special operations, but they cut no ice." This was his own confession.

The contemptible outcast, [the Russian president's special representative on human rights Abdul-Khakim] Sultygov, stated that the "terrorist act" aimed to derail the "political process" and would serve as "a public and political sentence for terrorists".

On the contrary, the explosion proved once again that the sentence pronounced by the Chechen resistance for accomplices of the Kremlin terror is irreversible.

As for the restoration of the puppet administration building, the Russian government has said that the blown up structure will be restored, while the Kadyrov administration will temporarily move to railway carriages. In other words, the "political process" will continue in wagons, contrary to statements that order is being reestablished in the republic and the situation is under control.

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