Old Saint Basil's Cathedral in MoscowJohnson's Russia List title and scenes of Saint Petersburg
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JRL #5622: Plain Text - Entire Issue

1. The Globe and Mail (Canada): Marcus Gee, Playing Russian roulette: the two faces of Moscow.
2. Interfax: Businessman linked to chief of Putin administration charged with bribery.
3. AP: Yeltsin Praises Putin's Performance.
4. Itar-Tass: More than one in four Russians live in poverty.
5. Reuters: Moscow's famous pet market closes.
6. strana.ru: Euphoria May Kill Russia. Konstantin Zatulin: Russian Policy Must Be More Vigilant.
7. BBC Monitoring: Deputy Duma Chairman says Russia is ally of civilized world again. (Zhirinovsky)
8. Washington Post: Masha Lipman, And Now He Loves America. (Zhirinovsky)
9. Toronto Star: Ken Ernhofer, West must not allow Russians free rein in Chechnya.
10. The Globe and Mail (Canada): Geoffrey York, World's rebels chilled by bin Laden effect.
11. the eXile: Matt Taibbi, Operation Enduring Sovok.