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Businessman linked to chief of Putin administration charged with bribery

Moscow, 29 December: The Russian Prosecutor-General's Office has brought a charge against Prominvest General Director Vyacheslav Aminov, who was taken into custody last week.

Aminov has been released from custody on his own recognizance not to leave Moscow.

He is charged with bribing an official (article 291 of the Russian Criminal Code), police sources have told Interfax. The businessman is suspected of handing over a 50,000-dollar bribe to Director of the Federal Security Service Nikolay Patrushev.

Aminov's office, apartment and summer house were searched the day before his detention, and compromising video cassettes were confiscated, the press reports.

Prosecutor-General Vladimir Ustinov confirmed Aminov's detention and criminal proceedings against him in an interview with Interfax earlier in the week. Yet he abstained from giving any details and promised to supply complete information at the end of investigation.

Aminov is a public adviser to head of the presidential administration Aleksandr Voloshin, according to several media sources.

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