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1. Reuters: Fight begins for Russia farm land reform.
2. BBC Monitoring: Russian church leaders convene to discuss 21st century threats and opportunities.
3. BBC Monitoring: Russia's Putin confirms loyalty to democracy, religious tolerance.
4. BBC Monitoring: Putin says fundamental provisions of Russian constitution should be preserved.
5. Alexis Klimoff: Putin.
6. Wall Street Journal: Carla Anne Robbins and Guy Chazan, Russia's Putin Is Likely to Weather U.S. Departure From ABM Treaty.
7. BBC Monitoring: Russian Liberal Democrat leader sees USA as ally despite ABM dispute. (Zhirinovsky)
8. New York Times editorial: Tearing Up the ABM Treaty.
9. Krasnaya Zvezda: NEW RUSSIA-US RELATIONSHIP MUST BE STRENGTHENED. (Interview with Sergei ROGOV, Director of the USA and Canada Institute)
10. Novaya Gazeta: Nadezhda Kevorkova, GLEB PAVLOVSKY: IT IS BEST TO LIVE LIGHT IN RUSSIA. An interview with Gleb Pavlovsky, political consultant.
11. Reuters: S&P expects to upgrade Russia due to econ progress.
12. BBC Monitoring: Rebel web site wary of Russian "perfidy" now Chechen peace talks under way.