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JRL #5577 Contents:

1. Reuters: Russian clinic in Kabul opens to jeers not cheers.
2. Washington Post: Jim Hoagland, On the Judo Mat With Putin.
3. International Herald Tribune: Thomas Friedman, A Russian Partnership Is More Important Than a Missile Shield.
4. The Sunday Times (UK): Mark Franchetti, Putin turns on Yeltsin old guard.
5. RIA: Russia doing all at can to avert possibility of US strike on Iraq.
6. The Russia Journal: Ira Straus, How to keep Russia as an Oil Ally of the West and destroy OPEC: Bring Russia into IEA, compensate it if oil falls too low.
7. Reuters: September 11 puts NATO's future in fresh doubt.
8. New York Times: Celestine Bohlen, On Russian TV, More of the Same.
9. Washington Post: Daniel Williams, Social Activists Size Up Putin. Russian Leader's Overtures Elicit Wary Responses.
10. Los Angeles Times letter: U.S. and Russia Enjoy Mutual Interests.
11. Reuters: Afghan neighbours also crying out for aid.
12. ITAR-TASS: Russia monitors 1,300 satellites in space, including 170 military ones
13. The Observer (UK): Ustina Markus, It's not only the west that suffers. Afghanistan is the source of most of the west's heroin. But the greatest devastation is within the local region, and the damage will get worse still unless the international community acts.
14. The Observer (UK): John Kinsella, Emigré areas. Collections from Joseph Brodsky and Czeslaw Milosz lose some of their subtlety.